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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


    Do you feel odd vibrations in your car’s steering wheel? Or, has your car’s fuel consumption increased drastically?

    It is time you opt for wheel alignment Buxton from a reliable workshop. Faulty wheel alignment can severely impair your car's steering performance and compromise your on-road safety. Therefore, most manufacturers recommend getting your vehicle's wheel alignment checked after every 5000-6000 miles as a precautionary measure.

    Here, at Steve’s Tyres & Wheels, we offer comprehensive wheel alignment checks at an extremely reasonable rate. We are equipped with the latest sensors and cameras, which ensure the most accurate results without consuming much time. Further, our experts are meticulously trained in this field of work and can efficiently deal with the axle geometry of any vehicle segment. Hence, call us to book an appointment or to get a quote.

    When should you avail a wheel alignment check?

    As mentioned already, it is advised to avail a wheel alignment check after covering every 5000-6000 miles as a precautionary measure. However, you may need an early wheel alignment Buxton if you notice symptoms, like:

  • An increased drift of the car in one direction while you are driving on a straight path at a constant speed.
  • Uneven tread wear.
  • Poor braking performance.
  • Squealing noise from the tyres.
  • Crooked steering wheel.
  • Increased fuel consumption. etc.
  • How can our wheel alignment garage Buxton help?

    Being a trusted wheel alignment garage Buxton, we carry out a thorough inspection of all the wheel angles, namely:

  • Camber: Camber is the angle that is formed between the vertical axis of a car's wheel and the vertical axis of the car itself, when seen from the front. Any fault in the camber angle will affect acceleration and also cause increased tread wear.
  • Caster: Caster refers to the angle formed between the vertical axis of the wheels and the steering axis of the vehicle. Issues in the caster angle usually cause crooked steering, and therefore, affect your vehicle’s steering stability.
  • Toe: The symmetric angle formed between a car's wheels and its longitudinal axis, when seen from the top, is known as toe. Misalignment in the toe angle will cause the car to drift in one direction, and therefore, lead to poor car handling on both even and uneven tracks.
  • After determining the crux of the issue, our experts will re-align the faulty axle geometry and restore the wheel angles back to their manufacturer-specifications.

    You can finally stop searching any further for a "wheel alignment garage near me".

    We are here for you. Come to see us or call us on 01298 70011.

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