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    Avon is a famous British tyre manufacturing company with over 100 years of industry experience and is a preferred OE choice of premium car manufacturers like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, etc.

    Avon tyres Buxton are highly favoured in the UK owing to their technologically advanced features and dependable performance in any road condition.

    At our Steve’s Tyres & Wheels workshop, we can offer you an impressive inventory of Avon tyres of various makes and models at extremely competitive rates.

    Furthermore, we retail our tyre products online as well! You can book your preferred Avon tyre by sharing your car registration number or required tyre size on our website’s Tyre Finder toll. On checkout, schedule a fitment appointment whenever it is convenient for you.

    A quick overview of our Avon tyre collection

    If you have been searching for Avon tyres near me, check out our collection below.

    Summer tyres

    Summer Avon car tyres Buxton are famous for their superior quality hard rubber compound and impressive tread structure that offers unmatched aquaplaning resistance.

    We offer you models like:

    • AVON ZX7
    • AVON ZV7
    • AVON ZT7

    Winter tyres

    Avon winter tyres are specifically favoured because of their innovative silica-rich soft rubber compound and increased tread depth. This unique construction offers a biting grip and enhanced durability on snow-covered tracks.

    Here are two best-selling Avon winter tyre models we offer:


    Apart from this, you can also buy Avon tyres Buxton in other categories, like:

    • All-season
    • 4x4
    • Performance

    We can also offer you run-flat tyres at an extremely affordable rate and in a diverse size range.

    Therefore hurry!

    Replace your old car tyres with the new Avon tyres Buxton from our workshop.

    Book an appointment by calling on 01298 70011.

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