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The accurate tyre size is essential to ensure optimal handling performance and driving efficiency. Fuel economy, braking performance, grip, traction and even manoeuvrability are all dependent on the tyre size.

Inaccurate tyre size, on the other hand, can damage your car’s suspension, wheels, etc., and can result in unnecessary expenses. With Steve’s Tyres & Wheels, you can now buy tyres Buxton of the ideal size for your automobile without any hassle.

Where can I see the tyre size?

Tyre size is an alphanumeric code imprinted on tyre’s sidewalls. It contains details of its metrics, like its section width, type, speed index, etc.

    How to decode a tyre size?

    Before we get into the details, let us take a sample size for your convenience and better understanding.

    Example tyre size: 215/45 R17 87V


    This denotes a tyre’s width in millimetres. It remains the same across both tyre sidewalls.


    The following two digits after tyre width indicate this tyre’s aspect ratio. In our sample tyre size, this ratio is 45%.


    After the aspect ratio comes a tyre’s construction type. R refers to radial tyres.


    This refers to the rim diameter in inches. In our example, the rim diameter is 17 inches.


    Next is a tyre’s maximum load-bearing ability. Here, 87 corresponds to 545 kgs.


    The last component denotes a tyre’s speed rating. Here, V indicates a maximum speed of 149mph.

    Other specifications


    This ensures that a tyre meets all recommendations and regulations as per the ECE 30-02 Regulations.


    It stands for Mud + Snow, thereby implying the tyre’s reliable performance on muddy and snowy surfaces.

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