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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?


    Replacing tyres following a puncture can be a costly affair. A much more pocket-friendly alternative is to opt for a tyre repair Buxton from a reliable workshop.

    Note that you may find several DIY videos online and there are quite a few DIY repair kits available in shops as well. However, a tyre repair is a complicated process and requires expert understanding to derive accurate (safe!) results. Therefore, we, as well as many other experts strictly advise you not to try repairing a damaged tyre yourself.

    Always avail expert assistance as even a little fault can jeopardise your on-road safety.

    Steve’s Tyres & Wheels offers you comprehensive tyre repair services with technologically advanced tools and best-in-class techniques. We duly abide by all legal guidelines and carry out a detailed inspection of the tyres before carrying out any repair. Further, our prices are extremely reasonable and can help you save a great deal.

    Some essential checks that we conduct before tyre repairs Buxton

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair all tyre damages. Therefore, we strictly check some of the essential parameters before conducting tyre repair Buxton for enhanced safety. Some of these parameters are:

  • We ensure the tread depth of the damaged tyre is at least 1.6 mm.
  • If the tyre has sustained a puncture, we confirm the affected area is not more than 6 mm.
  • We also check whether the sidewall integrity is intact and there are no exposed chords.
  • We also inspect the tyre to make sure there is no damage to the sidewall or any bulges etc.
  • Please note: Run-flat tyres must not be repaired as their entire structure changes once they have been driven with a puncture. Therefore, you must get them replaced.

    If your car's tyre passes these checks, we will conduct a suitable tyre repair Buxton, or else, we will inform you and ask you to opt for a tyre replacement.

    Tyre repairing methods we follow

    We are one of the most reliable and affordable tyre repair garages Buxton. Our experts possess all the technical know-how to repair any type of tyre damage and mainly follow the three fundamental methods given below:


    For plugging, we will not un-mount your car's tyre. We will simply insert a piece of adhesive-coated rubber onto the damaged part. This adhesive will vulcanise when the car tyre will roll and generate heat and turn into a permanent seal.


    Our experts will first un-mount the tyre. Next, they will insert an adhesive coated piece of leather on the damaged portion. Like plugging, here too, the adhesive will get vulcanised due to the heat generated from the rolling of the tyre and will seal the gap.

    Plug & Patch:

    For plug & patch method, we will first un-mount your car's tyre. Next, we will shove in an adhesive-coated piece of rubber with a leather tail-like extension onto the affected area. We will then take the leather tail to thread the gap and seal it permanently.

    Further, in case there is a puncture, we will strictly abide by the BS AU 159 guidelines to repair the damage adequately.

    Don’t waste precious time searching for “tyre repairs near me” but get in touch with us instead.

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