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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


    Driving on incorrectly inflated tyres is dangerous and it is a leading cause of tyre failure. For example, under-inflation of tyres can result in overheating, leading to increased tread wear, and eventually, a blowout, thereby causing a complete loss of control of your vehicle.

    At Steve’s Tyres & Wheels, we offer free tyre pressure check Buxton. We use advanced tyre pressure gauges for this purpose. You do not need any prior appointment for this check. Just visit us during business hours.

    What are the dangers of under-inflated tyres?

  • Driving on under-inflated tyres causes overheating, which can lead to premature wear, increased chances of tread separation and blowout if left unchecked.
  • In a less severe case, the faster tread wear on the outside edges makes the tyres unusable fairly quickly.
  • It also leads to increased fuel consumption as more energy is needed to make the tyres roll. Every PSI drop in tyre pressure reduces the mileage by 0.2%, while properly inflated tyres have a 3% better mileage.
  • It decreases the handling and cornering abilities and increases braking distance.
  • What are the dangers of over-inflated tyres?

  • Over-inflated tyres lose traction as their shape becomes more deformed.
  • Over-inflated tyres are also very prone to damages as they are stiff and cannot flex to avoid common road obstacles like potholes, curbs or debris.
  • Also, over-inflated tyres wear down at the centre of the tread as this part bulges out. This tiny, skinny patch of rubber can break anytime and cause a blowout.
  • Drive to our garage for a free tyre pressure check Buxton, and we will inflate or deflate the tyre as per manufacturer specifications.

    Where to find the right tyre pressure levels of a particular vehicle?

    The recommended tyre pressure level for any vehicle can be found in the:

    • Vehicle’s owner manual
    • Tyre placard
    • On a sticker on the driver’s side door jamb
    • Glove compartment door
    • Fuel tank door

    Some tips to keep your car tyre pressure at safe levels

  • You should check the tyre pressure every month, or even better, every 14 days and before going on long journeys.
  • Don’t rely on the TPMS alone for correct tyre pressure as it only gives a warning when the pressure levels are too low (25%).
  • Tyres lose 1-2 PSI of pressure every month but can lose more due to a faulty valve, damaged tyre bead and rapid temperature drops. So, it always helps to be alert.
  • So, stop looking for a tyre pressure checker near me and reach us instead.

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