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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?


    A car’s exhaust system is vital to its optimal performance, roadworthiness and environmental compliance. It not only helps maintain emission levels but also facilitates smooth engine performance and optimum fuel economy.

    Steve’s Tyres & Wheels is a professional exhaust repairing garage Buxton. We are equipped with the latest tools to perform accurate exhaust inspections and servicing at affordable rates.

    We have an expert team that carefully inspects a vehicle’s exhaust system and suggests replacements, if necessary. We stock a vast inventory of OE-grade spares to deliver prompt and affordable replacements.

    Signs of a malfunctioning exhaust system

    A poorly performing exhaust system will show several noticeable symptoms. If you are facing any of the issues stated below, it is an indication of a damaged exhaust.

  • Reduced fuel economy: A malfunctioning exhaust system will increase fuel consumption, and thereby reduce fuel economy.
  • Rumbling noise: If you hear an unusual noise coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe, it is probably due to a rusted muffler. It happens due to prolonged exposure to moisture and rough exterior conditions.
  • Another reason for an unusual exhaust noise is a cracked exhaust pipe. In either case, you need to immediately visit an experienced exhaust repairing garage Buxton like ours.

  • Noxious odour: If you perceive any noxious smell or stench of gases in your car cabin, it can be due to a blocked exhaust manifold. It will cause discomfort and diminish drive experience significantly.
  • Misfiring engine: Are you detecting more engine misfires lately? It can happen because of a blocked catalytic converter which does not let the fumes escape through the exhaust pipe. This chokes the emission and causes the engine to misfire.
  • Decreased acceleration: A faulty exhaust system will hamper optimal combustion and emission, thereby reducing the car’s acceleration capabilities.
  • Why Steve’s Tyres & Wheels?

    We deliver an accurate and expert solution to all searches for exhaust servicing near me in and around Buxton. Our technicians will inspect multiple parts of your car’s exhaust sustem to determine the issue.

    The components include:

    • Exhaust manifold
    • Catalytic convertor
    • Exhaust pipe
    • Muffler
    • Oxygen sensors, etc.

    We ensure that all these parts are in top working condition (also very important when it comes to MOT testing) by performing necessary repairs and replacements with your consent.

    Please come to see us or call us for bookings, quotes and more information.

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