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Are you looking for Brake Services for your vehicle?


Your vehicle’s braking system plays a crucial role in providing safe vehicle handling and overall on-road driving safety. Besides, optimally functioning brakes are one of the most important parameters for your car to pass its annual MOT and receive a VT20 certificate, as per the DVSA’s mandate.

Hence, you must opt for routine brake inspections from a reliable expert like our brake repairing garage Buxton. Driving with worn-out brake discs and pads will not only reduce your vehicle’s handling performance but also increase premature tyre wears and tears, besides significantly reducing braking efficiency and jeopardising your driving safety.

    If you notice increased braking distance or hear a rumbling noise while driving your vehicle, please do not take these lightly. These may be signs of a malfunctioning braking system and require expert attention at the earliest. Drive over to Steve’s Tyres & Wheels. At our facility, our highly qualified experts conduct cost-effective brake inspection and replacement.

    Why us?

    We stock genuine OE-grade spares and offer replacements at truly affordable costs. Whether it’s an SUV, CUV, a sports car, van or a regular passenger car, our experts are highly skilled in dealing with any vehicle’s malfunctioning braking system.

    How often should you opt for a brake inspection?

    Experts recommend checking your car’s braking system every 15,000 miles for possible signs of wear and tear. Since a number of factors lead to premature damage to the braking system components, besides brake pad wear, it is crucial to avail timely brake replacement Buxton.

    Some of these factors include:

  • Leakage in the hydraulic fluids
  • Incorrect hydraulic fluid pressure
  • Overloading your car beyond its load-carrying capacity
  • Overheating brake pads due to prolonged use
  • Driving on muddy terrain frequently, etc.
  • If you are searching for a brake repairing service near me, it is most likely because you are currently encountering inefficient braking performance. Drive to our garage and rely on our expertise. We are sure to become your favourite workshop - not only as a brake repairing garage Buxton once you avail our quality services.

    How to identify signs of a potential brake failure?

    Odd vibrations in brake pedal- In case of a damaged rotor, you will detect a vibrating brake pedal.

    The brake pad warning indicator is on- One of the simplest ways of identifying faulty car brakes is by checking your vehicle’s dashboard. If the brake warning light is on, visit us as soon as possible.

    Your car drifts to the side while braking

    On applying the brakes, if you notice that your vehicle is drifting in a particular direction, it is probably because of worn-out brake callipers.

    No resistance in the brake pedal

    While applying brakes, if you feel almost zero resistance, it is because your car’s brake fluid has dropped below its required level.

    At Steve’s Tyres & Wheels, our experts will thoroughly examine every single component of your vehicle’s braking system. We will closely diagnose the braking components to find the crux of the issues and then decide the necessary course of action.

    Parts that we check while conducting a brake inspection:

    • Brake pads
    • Discs
    • Master cylinder
    • Rotors
    • Wheel speed sensors
    • Brake booster
    • ABS control module
    • Brake pedal, etc.

    So, in case you are currently experiencing any issues with your vehicle’s brakes, search no further for a brake repairing garage near me; instead, come over or call us on 01298 70011.

    Drive safe!

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