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Are you looking for Batteries Services for your vehicle?


According to experts, a vehicle’s battery usually lasts anywhere between 3-5 years. Nevertheless, its lifespan might be cut shorter owing to several reasons.

How can we help?

Here at Steve’s Tyres & Wheels we stock a massive range of genuine OE-grade batteries, suitable for all car makes and models. Our experts will carefully check the battery, charging system, wires, cables, battery case, terminals etc., and provide a prompt and affordable replacement of car batteries Buxton if necessary.

Symptoms of a failing car battery

Here are some of the most common indicators of malfunctioning car batteries:

    Dim headlights

    If your car’s battery is not in optimal working condition, the electrical components of the vehicle, such as the headlights, will not be able to function properly. Pay close attention to your car headlights. Do they appear to be weaker than usual? The chances are that your car’s battery might be failing. Make sure to visit a reliable garage, which is known for replacing car batteries Buxton at a reasonable price.

    The check engine light is on

    Your vehicle’s check engine light might be ‘on’ due to a number of reasons. One of them includes a battery that is “running out of juice”. Drive over to our facility before it’s too late. In case the battery is nearing the end of its service life, make sure to get it replaced immediately.

    A swollen car battery case

    Your vehicle’s battery case might become swollen and even crack because of exposure to extreme temperatures. Pay close attention to the outside of a battery. If it is out of shape, make sure to opt for car batteries replacement Buxton immediately.

    A foul, rotten-egg smell

    Any damage to your car battery Buxton or an internal short can cause the unit to leak gas. In case you perceive a smell of rotten eggs when you open the bonnet of your vehicle, it’s an indication that there might be a battery fluid leakage.

    Slow engine crank

    In case you’re noticing that your car’s engine cranks slowly, the battery might not be in optimal condition. Please ensure to visit our facility and get it checked as soon as possible.

    Your hunt for the best car batteries replacement Buxton ends here with Steve’s Tyres & Wheels.

    Hence, you can put an end to your searches for “battery repairing services near me” and come to our facility, so we can help you.

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