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Are you looking for Air Con Refill for your vehicle?


Optimal functioning of a car's AC is extremely crucial to ensure healthy and comfortable journeys. Especially, during the summer months, it becomes hard to drive if the AC fails to regulate the cabin temperature adequately and offer the desired cooling effect.

Therefore, car manufacturers recommend undertaking a routine inspection of the refrigerant level after every 2 years as a precautionary measure.

Our workshop, Steve’s Tyres & Wheels, is well-known for cost-effective and efficient air-con gas refill Buxton.

We use technologically advanced equipment and have a team of expert professionals. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle's air-con system and ensure there are no underlying damages. We will also offer prompt refrigerant refills if it has fallen below the desired level.

    When should you opt for an air-con gas refill?

    It is not possible to manually inspect whether the refrigerant is at its recommended level or not. Therefore, in the section below, we have listed some warning signs that can tell you if your car needs an air-con gas refill Buxton.

    • Your car’s AC is blowing hot air
    • There are some visible signs of leakage
    • Awkward smell coming from the air vents
    • Reduced fuel economy, etc.

    It is extremely crucial that you bring your vehicle to our workshop as soon as you notice these symptoms. Any delay will cause severe damage to your car's AC and lead you to pay expensive repair bills in the future.

    Why us?

    We follow a detailed procedure to refill your vehicle’s air-con gas in order to ensure accurate results. Therefore, we will first thoroughly inspect the air-con parts to confirm there are no underlying leakages. Next, our experts will conduct air-con gas refill Buxton with one of the two gases given below:

  • R134a- We will use this gas if your vehicle was manufactured before 2017.
  • R1234yf- We will use this refrigerant gas if your car was manufactured after 2017.
  • Therefore hurry!

    Delay no further searching for air-con gas refill near me and schedule your appointment with us by calling on 01298 70011.

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